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The Van Buren Drive-in Theatre, named for its location on Van Buren Blvd in the historic Arlington district of Riverside, California, opened in 1964 with a single screen. Built on the site of a former orange ranch, the theatre was expanded to four screens in 1975. Beginning in 2007 the drive-in was given a new image. Our design process began by taking cues from the surrounding community's cultural heritage. The logo, marquee, box offices, snack bar and landscaping were are redone with a "vintage California orange orchard" theme. The most striking element of this rebranding is the massive mural displayed on the original screen tower. Depicting a vista of 1930s era Riverside, the mural is reminiscent of vintage orange crate labels so prized by collectors today, and also reminiscent of the classic drive-in, screen tower decorations that are now almost all completely gone from the country's landscape.

Re-brand the Drive-In to better reflect this classic landmark. Create a whimsical new website with easy navigation for a superior customer experience. Encourage increased social interaction at each customer touch point on the website.

Combine an eye catching vintage concept with advanced technical features to create a unique and engaging experience. Full integration of our event management platform (VCMS) for customers and staff. Integrate the most current search engine meta data tools for improved organic SEO. Create a mobile friendly counterpart to help users access movie times on the go.