Inside Honest
The Honest Company thrives on the sincere belief that “Together we can make it better”. They treat customers, staff and stakeholders with honesty and integrity, while creating sustainable products that are non-toxic and as healthy as possible. They are also committed to corporate and individual social responsibility. They dedicate tremendous resources supporting charitable partnerships, advocating policies that better protect the planet, and supporting staff with paid community service days and matching non-profit donations.

People enjoy life more when they are connected, and that positivity translates to all aspects of our lives. Most of us balance life equally between sleep, work and personal time. Progressive companies like the Honest Company recognize this and were looking for a way to help the “work” part be better. With rapid growth and expansion into new locations they needed a better way to connect everyone.

Create an extraordinary intranet! We call it “inside Honest” - a system for collaboration, team building and information. Built from our own workLIFE platform, the system includes; multiple social feeds, team profiles, calendars, resources, facilities info & management, and much more. WorkLIFE has helped the Honest Company come together like never before, providing a platform where people share experiences and ideas. Where information is easily exchanged and everyone’s voice is heard.

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