ACME Studio
ACME Studio thrives today as a beacon of creative talent, showcasing a collection of personal accessories designed by artists and inspired by legends. In 1985, husband-and-wife team Adrian Olabuenaga and Lesley Bailey set off to cultivate modern and timeless design in a variety of forms, the most widely recognized being their fine writing instruments. Today ACME Studio is a leader in superior product design and home to a creative community. The famous designers, architects, and innovators that work with ACME Studio are all a part of their heritage, which is why they refer to them as Family.

With this project, we aimed to immerse new and existing customers into the world of ACME Studio. Our goal was to create an all-inclusive website that showcases the Studio’s unique products and the remarkable creative talent who brought those products to fruition. The opportunity to work with ACME Studio, and represent these artist’s contributions, was more than just an objective; it was also an honor.

ACME Studio’s branding embraces primary colors, which inspired a simple and bold look throughout the site. And clean user interface with clear, simple elements provide a classic visual appeal that will last. Our powerful intuitive search and efficient on-demand product grids improve the shopping experience. Guests can easily jump back and forth from product to Family members, creating a natural and emotionally intertwined merchandising flow. The entire site is efficiently managed with a customized version of our own VCMS, which includes powerful marketing, merchandising and analytical tools. All this helps ACME Studio understand and service their customers, manage their company, and grow their community.