Jack's Surfboards Mobile Site
Since 1957, Jack's Surfboards has built a reputation as the premier surf retailer. They started by opening their first store in Huntington Beach at the corner of 101 and Main St. Through the years a passion for the waves and attention to customer service has resulted in continued growth and expansion. When seeing that more and more shoppers were surfing on their mobile devices, Jack’s was ready to respond once again to customer demand.

Mobile is now the most frequently used access point for online retail. It was time to rethink how Jack's delivered their online shopping experience with three main goals in mind: increase mobile device sales, improve mobile shopping experience, and integrate the mobile friendly user interface with VCMS.

Create an entirely new, stand-alone mobile site that will be more effective in reaching mobile customers. We started off creating an app-like interface that would be familiar with mobile users. The design offers a simplified navigation, larger buttons and lower-resolution images that make mobile shopping faster. A streamlined checkout process improves conversions too, and all of this was seamlessly integrated with VCMS to make site management a breeze!